Ruth Keggin & Rachel Hair: Lossan

It’s easy to observe that Lossan, a collaboration between Manx singer Ruth Keggin and Scottish harpist Rachel Hair, is an exquisite collection of ballads, lullabies and jigs from the Isle of Man—and difficult to overstate the album’s transcendent mission. Keggin’s voice is not only pure it’s also pivotal: In addition to a performer she is also the Manx Language Development Officer, so designated by Culture Vannin (the Manx Heritage Foundation) … More Ruth Keggin & Rachel Hair: Lossan

Ruth Keggin: Turrys

A passionate artist and pillar of the Manx-language revival movement, Ruth Keggin is blessed with a voice that floats gently as it penetrates deeply. Turrys (Journey), her second album, is both a voyage across the diminutive Isle of Man and also part of a quest measured in generations. Her universal themes—nature, work, romance, celebration, leaving home—have a strong sense of place, and while her songs rely mainly on Manx tradition she also … More Ruth Keggin: Turrys

Ruth Keggin: Sheear

When UNESCO pronounced the Manx language extinct in 2009, it received incredulous letters from the Isle of Man—written in Manx. A prime ingredient of the island’s linguistic revival is it’s lively music scene, at the head of which stands Ruth Keggin. Sheear (Westward), her debut solo album, is a collection of traditional and contemporary Manx ballads and carols with gentle arrangements that highlight her enthralling voice, at once soft and robust. Fin as Oshin (Finn and Ossian) … More Ruth Keggin: Sheear