Ensemble Mze Shina: Odoïa

If Early Music transports us to medieval times, then Georgian polyphony, stretching back more than 1,600 years, is communal song in primeval form. UNESCO declared this tradition an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and, like more modern sounds (jazz, bluegrass, tango), Georgian polyphonic singing has in recent years spread outward from its home in the Caucasus Mountains. The Ensemble Mze Shina (Georgian for “inner sun”) emerged in … More Ensemble Mze Shina: Odoïa

Trio Mandili: With Love

One fine day in September 2014, three girls took a walk on a country road in Georgia, the Caucasus Mountains nation perched between Russia and Turkey. As they walked, they sang a Georgian folk song, and one of the girls filmed a selfie video. They put their selfie on YouTube and in two weeks got a million views, ultimately leading to a record contract. With Love is the result. That first video is … More Trio Mandili: With Love