Tanya Brittain: Hireth

Hireth is Cornish for a species of nostalgia, akin to the Portuguese saudade, that expresses insatiable yearning. On her first solo album, singer-songwriter Tanya Brittain comes magnificently close to quenching this singular thirst. Across 10 tracks she captures pregnant moments on the brink of change; waltzes us back to lost golden ages of song, from the English Renaissance to the 1960s folk revival; and promotes a language that’s been on the precipice of extinction … More Tanya Brittain: Hireth

Ruth Keggin: Turrys

A passionate artist and pillar of the Manx-language revival movement, Ruth Keggin is blessed with a voice that floats gently as it penetrates deeply. Turrys (Journey), her second album, is both a voyage across the diminutive Isle of Man and also part of a quest measured in generations. Her universal themes—nature, work, romance, celebration, leaving home—have a strong sense of place, and while her songs rely mainly on Manx tradition she also … More Ruth Keggin: Turrys

Ruth Keggin: Sheear

When UNESCO pronounced the Manx language extinct in 2009, it received incredulous letters from the Isle of Man—written in Manx. A prime ingredient of the island’s linguistic revival is it’s lively music scene, at the head of which stands Ruth Keggin. Sheear (Westward), her debut solo album, is a collection of traditional and contemporary Manx ballads and carols with gentle arrangements that highlight her enthralling voice, at once soft and robust. Fin as Oshin (Finn and Ossian) … More Ruth Keggin: Sheear