Claudia Koreck: Holodeck

As consistently as she releases sparkling albums, Claudia Koreck reaches new heights. Her 2007 debut ignited a revival of Bavarian-dialect song, a movement that now counts her as its Grande Dame. In short order one of her compositions became a major film title track and she toured Germany with the Eagles. Her success rests less on strategic choices than in simply not letting herself be forced into either/or boxes—she’s a small town girl and a … More Claudia Koreck: Holodeck

Claudia Koreck: Stadt Land Fluss

Aesop’s story of the city mouse and the country mouse described a clash of worldviews. In the hands and voice of the German singer-songwriter Claudia Koreck, city and country are competing and complementary forces within one body. On Stadt Land Fluss (City, Country, River), she explores this theme with her powerful yet gentle voice, floating effortlessly between adrenalized and mellow tones, singing in blues, rock and folk accents; the river enters the album … More Claudia Koreck: Stadt Land Fluss