17 Hippies: 20 Years – Anatomy

The Berlin-based world/folk group 17 Hippies emerged in an open-minded Europe that valued diversity. Operating less like a band than a village in which each resident carries instruments and tastes acquired on foreign adventures, the collective’s disparate elements work beautifully together, against expectations. The result is a floating musical center of gravity as inspiring as it is fun, with dominant elements (Balkan rhythm, French chanson, Weimar … More 17 Hippies: 20 Years – Anatomy

Claudia Koreck: Stadt Land Fluss

Aesop’s story of the city mouse and the country mouse described a clash of worldviews. In the hands and voice of the German singer-songwriter Claudia Koreck, city and country are competing and complementary forces within one body. On Stadt Land Fluss (City, Country, River), she explores this theme with her powerful yet gentle voice, floating effortlessly between adrenalized and mellow tones, singing in blues, rock and folk accents; the river enters the album … More Claudia Koreck: Stadt Land Fluss