Fréro Delavega: Des ombres et des lumières

The second album by Jérémy Frérot and Florian Delavega explores and floats between innocence and experience, dream and reality, yesterday and today—and, as the title indicates, shadow and light. Just a year after their best-selling debut album, the new title also suggests the potential for the singer-songwriter duo to outshine themselves—or be overshadowed by early success. On that score, their close harmonies, meditative lyrics, acoustic arrangements and collaborations … More Fréro Delavega: Des ombres et des lumières

Francis Cabrel: In Extremis

Throughout his 40-year career, Francis Cabrel—the greatest French singer-songwriter of his generation—has woven strands of folk, blues, jazz, rock and pop into iconic songs of relationships, protest and social commentary. On his 13th studio album, he is in fine form, casting a mature artist’s eye on romantic and paternal love, politics, heroism, xenophobia, war and faith—in short, on life. Dur comme fer (Hard as Iron), lampoons politicians … More Francis Cabrel: In Extremis