Elle&Elles: Kalenda

Marijosé Alie is a journalist, author and singer-songwriter. Her daughter Fred is a painter with a background in architecture—and a singer-songwriter; younger daughter Sohée is an actress, dancer—and singer-songwriter. After years of singing together at home, mother and daughters mixed their talents and experience into Kalenda, a dazzling mini-world rooted in Martinique and, like the island, flavored with ingredients from all over. Their blend of languages (Créole, French and English) and genres … More Elle&Elles: Kalenda

Joël Jaccoulet présente: Créole Pop

Joël Jaccoulet is a producer, arranger, songwriter and musician who has a passion for the sounds of his own culture but doesn’t hesitate to mix styles—for what is Créole if not a blend? On Créole Pop he assembles an extraordinary collection of artists with backgrounds in French chanson, soul, hip-hop, zouk, reggae and jazz. The album’s 13 tracks, sustained by guitar, keyboard, ukulele, cajon and washboard, among other tones, paint a rhapsodic … More Joël Jaccoulet présente: Créole Pop