Tara Fuki: Motyle

Virtually all Western music comes from the same 12-note scale, so maybe it shouldn’t be remarkable that Tara Fuki— Dorota Barová and Andrea Konstankiewicz—accomplishes so much with two voices and two cellos. Across 20 years and six albums, however, fans and critics alike have expressed amazement and delight at their versatility. On Motyle (Butterflies) they are as agile as ever, blending classical, jazz and Central European folk-pop strains, and … More Tara Fuki: Motyle

Sutari: Siostry Rzeki / River Sisters

Air, time, energy, life, blood, words, water: They all flow and they all play roles in the trances, mysteries, ancient rituals, sharp insights, drama and delight of Siostry Rzeki (River Sisters), the third album by the Polish women’s trio Sutari. In eight songs, Basia Songin, Kasia Kapela and Zosia Zembrzuska explore nature, freedom and femininity while expressing themselves in endlessly creative … More Sutari: Siostry Rzeki / River Sisters