Sigrid Moldestad: Tonen i meg

We all have strengths and frailties, multifaceted personalities and lives, good and bad days. On Tonen i meg (The Tone in Me), Sigrid Moldestad, the Norwegian singer-songwriter-musician, joins forces with Sigrid Moldestad the playwright to explore, shake and sing the inner human riddles that mold identities and worlds. Contrasting colors rotate on her musical landscape, light emerging from darkness, power from timidity, beauty from sadness—or vice versa … More Sigrid Moldestad: Tonen i meg

Sigrid Moldestad: Vere Her

Sigrid Moldestad’s stature as a composer rests on more than her exquisite melodies. OnVere Her(Being Here) she aligns elements of nature and imagination—love and mortality, stress and relief; rain and sun; memory and hope; yesterday, today and tomorrow—finding joyful, nostalgic and melancholic beauty in life’s twists and contrasts. Though rooted in Norwegian folk, Moldestad nonetheless allows her songs to turn like flowers toward whichever genre … More Sigrid Moldestad: Vere Her