Sigrid Moldestad: Vere Her

Sigrid Moldestad’s stature as a composer rests on more than her exquisite melodies. OnVere Her(Being Here) she aligns elements of nature and imagination—love and mortality, stress and relief; rain and sun; memory and hope; yesterday, today and tomorrow—finding joyful, nostalgic and melancholic beauty in life’s twists and contrasts. Though rooted in Norwegian folk, Moldestad nonetheless allows her songs to turn like flowers toward whichever genre … More Sigrid Moldestad: Vere Her

Sigrid Moldestad: Så ta mitt hjerte – Dei beste songane

Poets and writers from Ecclesiastes to Aeschylus, from Shelley to Kahlil Gibran, have described the thin line between joy and sorrow, but peerless is the musician who can erase the line and capture both emotions in a single note. The Norwegian folksinger, fiddler and composer/lyricist Sigrid Moldestad is that rare artist—in every sweet word a seed of loss, in every wintry chord a memory of flowers. Rooted in her nation’s rich music, she … More Sigrid Moldestad: Så ta mitt hjerte – Dei beste songane