Rami Kleinstein: Matanot K’tanot

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Listening Post 6. From universal themes of love, life and parenthood to the particulars of Israeli life, always wrapped in pitch perfect arrangements, Rami Kleinstein’s musical gift is anything but small. The 12 tracks on Matanot K’tanot (Small Gifts) deliver consistently great melodies in a diverse collection of folk, pop and rock rhythms. The title song captures the atmosphere of an Israeli Friday afternoon—the air, the waning light, the Shabbat table setting, the kids’ photos on the wall (video 1). Other tracks focus on a father’s man-to-man talk with his son (Boker tov yeled, video 2); a man composing a letter in hope and despair to a lost love (Derekh kol ha’ahavot) and a couple who meet during a blackout (Tamar v’Ani), which has an Irish vibe. For almost 30 years, Kleinstein has been at the top of Israel’s music pyramid—as composer, arranger and performer. If there is any limit to his talent, there is no sign of it in Matanot K’tanot. (R.M.S. Productions/Avi Gueta Productions Ltd.)




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