Fonseca: Conexión

March 20, 2016

fonseca2Lush Latin Spectrum

Listening Post 39. Fonseca became one of Latin America’s leading singer-songwriters using an explosive mix of vallenato and cumbia—Colombia’s traditional folk styles—with tropipop. On Conexión, he offers a riveting pan-Latin blend. In Ya No Mi Faltas (I Don’t Miss You Anymore), a ranchera-tango hybrid co-written with the Argentine artist Claudia Brant, he recites a sardonic message to a former flame: “I get that you’re no longer with me, so/Not needing your permission I’ll say good-bye with this final point” (video 1). Closer to his tropical roots is Entra Mi Vida y la Tuya (Between Your Life and Mine), a childhood-sweethearts story with the scope of a novela (video 2). Other collaborations on the album include Puede Ser (It Can Be), about integrating former guerrilla fighters into society, co-written with the Colombian artist Fernando Osorio; and the salsa duet Amor Eterno (Eternal Love), performed with the Puerto Rican singer Victor Manuelle and co-written with the Peruvian singer-songwriter Gian Marco Zignago. The guest singers and lyricists add great value, but Fonseca also radiates when he works alone, as on the bonus track Sorprenderte (Surprise), a dulcet love ballad that lives up to its name (video 3). The only mystery is whether Conexión counts as his fifth or sixth studio album; on the same day he also released Homenaje, a tribute record to the vallenato singer-composer Diomedes Díaz. Seems Fonseca has one ear to the wider Latin spectrum and another to the sound of home. (Sony/Handy Music)






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