Kobi Aflalo: Marot

A doomsday joke: Hearing that the earth will be submerged by rising seas in 72 hours, clergymen counsel prayer and repentance. But a lone scientist goes on global TV and issues a challenge: “We have three days to learn how to breathe underwater.” There’s a kernel of this story in Kobi Aflalo’s fourth album, Marot (Mirrors). The title song reflects on some of the stark realities of Israeli life: existential threat, military service … More Kobi Aflalo: Marot

Rotem Cohen: Lo Dimyanti

Reviews of his live shows describe Rotem Cohen as charming, engaging, funny—and with a soulful voice—but he took a crooked route to the stage. He tried acting school, but skipped classes to compose music. He wrote for some of Israel’s top singers before releasing his own first album—which went gold. If his second album, Lo Dimyanti (I Never Imagined), is any indication, he’ll be a fixture of the Israeli cultural scene … More Rotem Cohen: Lo Dimyanti

Rami Kleinstein: Matanot K’tanot

In the Presence of Presents Listening Post 6. From universal themes of love, life and parenthood to the particulars of Israeli life, always wrapped in pitch perfect arrangements, Rami Kleinstein’s musical gift is anything but small. The 12 tracks on Matanot K’tanot (Small Gifts) deliver consistently great melodies in a diverse collection of folk, pop … More Rami Kleinstein: Matanot K’tanot